Tuesday, December 03, 2013

ferrari pedal car project

this car was a original ferrari indinapolis made by "morellet guerineau"
I decided to change the design because the n was not enough for my taste authentic.
so I decided to m inspired by original model, it took me 10 days of work,
but I like the result.

i use bead roller for roll the edge

i use my pullmax for make the famous louver
that a very good machine for make this type of work

the clecko really help me for the perfect adjusting

you can see the draw of steering wheel,full aluminium

we really see the difference with the original one
this pedal car look bad !


Jack Men said...

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Hozoi said...

you cand find a original model around 400 euros with regular restauration, but this one like yu can see have lot of modificaion and many hours of work, its more around 2000 euros the same work of mine, and i never do 2 times the same work ;) thanks for the interest

daren sammy said...

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