Sunday, March 25, 2012

Pullmax Eckold mixed to Pullckold !!!!

yes  hello evry metalshapers, i m french metal shaper, like evrybody knows the eckold machine is one of the best shrinker stretcher machine, but the price of this machine is too bad for little crafstman, usually only  big company can buy eckold machine with the tools, i really respect Eckold for the quality tools , there is Marchant company they make shrinking machine too, there is Erco TCE similar to Marchant, but for a  little company its impossible to pay around 25 to 30 000 us dollars for a piccolo with tools.
so years after years , i create  some machine , and years after years   i buy some used eckold tools, but no eckold piccolo.
but i  work many time on my Pullmax (p 21) this machine in europ  is at correct price  (1500 to 3000 euros )
for used machine , sure .
a day i see a trimmer Pullmax, this is a very rare machine, i buy it, and decided to convert  this machine with her big throat to  a Pullckold   hahaha , yeah  Pullmax + Eckold = Pullckold.
so you can see some details of my conception.
yu can do the same thing with a simple Pullmax  P5 or P7 more easy to find, but you need to cut the body for have better throat...

                                          this is the adaptater  for pullmax and eckold
                                     this is  the original Eckold  base

             this is assembled tools with a center screw and two  point control

                                  i create a new fixation for the original trimmer head,
                                  like this i can always use my trimmer for regular pullmax work


                                   i will sending to you more details soon                      

head light circle for eureka pedal car

                              just a little work of metal shaping, this cool headlights have no circle  .
                              so i decided to make new one.
                              you can see the simple technic for make it..


Friday, March 09, 2012

pedal car nn or kz by renault

yes again a pre war pedal car,
this is a rare model ,difficult to find, this pedal car have wheels very tighten.
i decided to rebuilt the hood exactelly like original shape with the little bead on each side.
and i make new side hood  with stamped louvers.
i love metal shaping 

Thursday, March 01, 2012

Restauration of l etoile pedal car of 40's

the brand is  L ETOILE, that old french company specialist in pedal car.
i restore it but i dont want paint it ,  like this we can see all details of the time,
like the multi punctures  in the steel,
 like the incredible  tires completly cracked...
this give more  style than pretty gloss paint.