Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Motul trophy "steering wheel wings"

an other trophy for Motul singapur
with cool oldschool steering wheel

start to make the wings at scale 1 like the sketch

we can see the difference between flat material and hammered material.
hammered material look alife

fabrication of steering wheels

ready to insatll it on gear podium

final result 2 differents positions of wings

Piston trophy Motul

Motul ask me to make a piston trophy , but many people allready do it.
so i  make one with personal touch...

start with sketch at scale 1

draw and hammered the wings

just "take a look around" the look

present wings on piston

 hammered metal give more life to metal

final result

graffiticar style 1

 like you can see , i love graffiti and i love cars too
  so why mixed both  :)

hot rod style  and cool flop letterzzzzz

final result

Motul trophy "salon moto legende 2016"

                                  a new little trophy for the " salon moto legende 2016"
                                  the motorcycle  is a faret motorcycle made in france at bordeaux
                                  so i take the spirit of the gas tank design and the frame too..

 yu can see the wood piece gas tank and the metl gas tank and the scale draw

start to forming the frame with my henrob flame,
i weld some piece of metal for control the bending

now we can see the gas tank inside  the frame, this start to be cool

i made the podium for the sculpture

finish result

good photo ;)