Saturday, March 09, 2013

Hozoi Senegal first mosaic graffiti

longtime a go , i think to make a mosaic graffiti, but  for this type
of projrct , i need time to do it and good weather,her in senegal i have both...
(this graffiti is in Gaal.gui stadium)

me and Abdul start to install each piece,one by one,
thi take incredible time ...
here in africa,kids are always happy when someone give colors to wall.

days after days ,we see the evolution of work.
me and Hassan, first Hassan have trouble to help me ,
 because he don t understand the line of my letters,
but finally with time he understand.
final work,this give motivation to make more mosaic graffiti soon.
details of mosaic ,with her incredible effect of gloss and mirror

her a little Motul mosaic  with local kids and her famous Motul caps
thank you Motul for give to me  this trip and give me trust

check all Motul trip at:

Thursday, March 07, 2013

Hozoi senegal

mosaic on the mosk of Grand yoff

me and my twin brother Baye

start to sketch with "marker"

use the grinder machine directelly on wall

remove the  extra tiles

evrybody was happy, the Imam of the mosk and all kids