Saturday, July 06, 2013

my hot rod pedal car

 i really like hot rod  and pedal cars ,so i  try to build a hot rod based on classic pedal car.
 so yu can see all differents step of metal shaping, all hand made  planishing ,bending ,rolling, welding,
 forming...  enjoy  ;)

based on original eureka pedal car

i make exactelly the same profile of beading for use on my pullmax
and i rivet the panel on the car

the dashboard

the front axle and the big drums  

the steering wheel

the tailgate 

i cut the body  for create "the opening door"

original black plate  from 60's

the bed of truck are completly finish, the taillight  from bike of 50's
note the cool detail of california black plate
: hozoi 1

the headlights

the rusty patina paint  and the glossy black
ready to assembled

just for the fun , after one complet month of work...