Wednesday, October 02, 2013

graffiti metal sculpture for Zenoy

i have the idea to make graffiti metal sculpture  4 years a go.
 but this take me lot of time to make it,  so i  stop to make it .
 but manytime i think  to make again new graffiti metal sculpture
so i make new one, but for the first time  i dont write my name
but i write the name of differents graffierz and they create for me
some cool canvas, that "exchange art work"

                             i start to sketch my letters on paper carboard, and put it on  metal
                             after i reproduce the outline of letters, and i use my plasma cutter,
                              each letters need  be in double  for make the 3d..

                               after welding each piece, step by step the sculpture come "alive"

                      you can see the "zenoy"  piece,  for give more autenticity i will create
                      a rusty patina...


Metal Arts said...

WOW there never seen anything like it very creative style of work you have glad to have stumbled across you...

Hozoi said...

thanks for this cool comments, later i will give some patina or candy effects...

Schneckenman said...

great stuff! great stuff!
keep on make more crazy stuff!!!
too bad that we could not come to you.
we did not have time and money ...
but maybe next year:)
best regards johannes

Hozoi said...

yes amigo , that what i see, i never see u in france ;) i hope next year , yu welcome ;)

Schneckenman said...

merci avant hozoi