Monday, December 03, 2012

hozoi Berlin Germany

(hozoi 2 wheel trip by Motul)

Berlin is a extraordinnary city
this city are very different than regular europeen city ,  local life is chipper
than other big city, people are  very open to different culture or different religion.
but like all big city of europ that not easy to find wall , because local people are tire of graffiti, and berlin is very  cover of graffiti, lot and lot of tag and bubble style too.
i meet lot of  specialist in custom motorcycle , all was cool with me , and all open her door.
for this graffiti i was not lucky , raining lot evrydays, so i take 6 days for make this piece and  with good weather i take maximum 3 days ,  but this wall  has at 12 kilometers of my room , so i decided to buy a second hand bike and a trailler for transport my paint, and buy too a telescopic ladder.

                                    the big difficulty has to take photos under rain with grey sky,

                                             thanks to my metal shaper friend  ,mister johannes,
                                              he ask me to tag her  motorcycle, haha real pleasure

i meet in berlin,so i decided to painting with him.
mister in action on the skull 

                                                      first sketch after one day of total raining

                                          ya my famous bike and trailler and the famous telescopic ladder,
                                          evrydays i repair it under rain on the road with simple wire.

                                         the video was mounted by my friend arta, thanks to her help

                                          a cool meeting with peter and her sop urban motor
                                          specialised in cafe racer

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