Friday, April 20, 2012

Judez pedal car restauration and patina

   yes  again a Judez pedal car model alfa romeo racer....
   i make new trim on hoode side and make new grill and new gas cap.
   all in aluminum, so i create some tools special for the gas cap end the grill.
   i use my pullmax machine for the grill.
   i restore a pedal car its cool but, new paint  brooking the feelings of age!                                                                                                  
   so i try to create a patina for give more  vintage effects

               this was the original front of the car, no bad , no good , but i prefer rebuilt all

                 the nose of the judez completly planishing , for this operation ,
                 there is no place for hammer and dolly 
                 so i cut the front drive system for working more easy

                              i make new trim and new grill with my nibbler pullmax p21

this was the simple tool, i make it with regular wood and use a good press for block it

                                          all the aluminum parts are polished

                   yu can see the patina , this look really like a original old paint

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Joseph Baczewski said...

I have one of these pedal cars that I bought at an estate sale. Any idea what one is worth professionally restored. I am trying to figure out if I should let my kid play with it. If you have any info please email me.